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Martin + Osa Fashion Event

Vlad and I were invited to a Martin + Osa Fashion Event on behalf of Glam, along with our new friends from Allie is Wired and Stiletto Jungle. The event was held on April 23 at the fabulous Thom Bar at the Thompson Hotel in New York City. There was no better way to start the night then being greeted by star from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Keenyah Hill. Actually, we ran into her and I was certain I knew her. Not as a a star on a TV show, but as a friend. So Vlad and Allie stood by, watching me exclaiming that I knew her from somewhere and she was indeed an old friend. But she laughed it off and took a picture with me to boot! The party was hosted by Martin + Osa exclusively for Glam bloggers, which was such a treat.

Vlad and I had no clue what to expect, but the party was really posh. We enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and drinks while mingling with people from Glam, bloggers in the Glam network, and the folks from Martin + Osa. The party was to showcase the new website design for Martin + Osa as well as showcase their spring line. We left with goody bags which had a great smelling candle, a few booklets, along with a cashmere sweater. I must admit that I have lived in my Martin + Osa cashmere sweater since the event! The sweater was my travel companion throughout Spain. It is light but warm and the perfect length. I have it in both Revival Red and Luna Grey, which are both perfect to wear on many occasions. But the color I was obsessing over was this perfect yellow,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, which we saw the following night when we were invited to the Martin + Osa Fashion Show for Spring.

The event held for the Glam bloggers was a huge success. Not only did we get to meet quite a few of our fellow publishers, but we also met the folks that I speak with at Glam on a daily basis and the executives behind Martin + Osa. The brand was developed by American Eagle Outfitters. The overall however, feel is different. The pieces are great layering pieces, the price point is ideal for what you get, and the overall vibe is more mature than American Eagle. Actually, the some of the great women behind Martin + Osa that we met were wearing the pieces and it looked as if they popped out of an upscale magazine ad. The idea behind the website is genius, offering an interactive layer it section where you can dress yourself up as you wish and then check out with all the items. Our other favorite part of the website is the shop by outfit section. The models move around, switch position,
Ferragamo Shoes Discount, and really make the site a completely fun and interactive adventure! Vlad and I sat in the couches at Thom Bar reveling at this feature. We loved the party, and after meeting the Vice President and President of Martin + Osa we were invited to their Fashion Show the next day, which was also showing the spring line.

Cashmere + Silk Cardigan in Fargo Pink $128, Drawstring Halter Top in Brick Red $34, and Linen-Cotton Trouser in Crystal White $78

The Fashion Show was not like one I have ever been to. We went to the west side of Manhattan right on the water and up into a large penthouse which looked over the Hudson River. The show was a casual set up, having the models interact with one another on display. They wore the designs and looked so incredibly amazing that Vlad and I could not stop staring! Along with Martin + Osa being showcased, American Eagle and Aerie by American Eagle were on display. The models look was preppy cool and the interactive set up was totally memorable. Vlad snapped candids and then the models began to pose for us too. We left with another goodie bag, including another cashmere cardigan for me, an American Eagle Tank top, and a pair of boy shorts from Aerie. Both events really opened my eyes. I have been stuck buying cashmere sweaters for $500 when I could get something that looks incredibly chic, can be used daily,
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale, and costs $128. Vlad and I were so happy to be a part of the party hosted for Glam and attend the Fashion Show the next day. Now it is time we spread the word and let you all in on a new little secret, which is Martin + Osa is incredibly comfortable, stylish,
Cheap Stone Island Clothing Sale for Men, and affordable! Make sure you check their site out, as right now they are offering 20% off all purchases over $100. Thanks again to Glam for having us be a part of this!

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Lauren Merkin Charlotte Embossed Suede Clutch

After the Holidays we all may be carrying around a scanty bank account and some extra Fruit Cake pounds ;-) Either way it is time to get back on track. I would never tell you all to not buy a handbag,
Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s Belts, because let’s face it,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, that would be plain silly; but I will suggest some more affordable and just as sexy handbags. A stunning rendition of an evening clutch is the Lauren Merkin Charlotte Embossed Suede Clutch. Available in metallic platinum or black, this lizard embossed suede clutch shows a touch of refinement along with a touch of fun along with a very do-able price tag. A slightly gathered body and magnetic snap closure open up to pink striped lining. I would love this clutch (measuring 6″H x 11 1/2″W) for a night on the town and would not worry *as much* if I were to spill on it or drop it. This clutch goes to show that chic can be cheap via Bergdorf Goodman for $220.

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Jessica Simpson Touches Down at LAX with a Saint Laurent Bag-Shoe Combo

Here’s Jessica Simpson, arriving back in LA after a few days in NYC, carrying a Saint Laurent Studded Sac de Jour Bag and wearing a pair of what seem to be her favorite shoes – the Saint Laurent Janis Pumps. She’s tied it all together with what appears to be an extremely fashionable sweatsuit,
Ferragamo Shoes Discount, of sorts,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, which looks pretty ideal for air travel. You can find Jessica’s Saint Laurent bag for $3,950 at Bergdorf Goodman, and her Saint Laurent shoes are available for $775 at Barneys.

We’ve seen Jessica wearing different Janis pumps several times before,
Salvatore Ferragamo Belts, and this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen her wearing them at an airport. The woman loves Janis pumps, and they do seem particularly on-brand for her look. Jessica also owns a modest assortment of Saint Laurent handbags, of course, which you can view in "The Many Bags of Jessica Simpson." Jessica Simpson’s handbag collection is (unsurprisingly) very Jessica Simpson.





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Moda Operandi is Hermes Trunkshow Includes a $115,000 Alligator Birkin

Moda Operandi does not mess around. It’s a company predicated on making sure that the choosiest, most fashion-conscious luxury customers get what they want as soon after they first set eyes on it as possible, and perhaps unsurprisingly,
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale, those customers absolutely adore Hermes bags. The harder to find, the better. Heritage Auctions is particularly skilled at finding those impossible bags, and when Moda and Heritage get together, it’s a veritable exotic Hermes fiesta, the latest of which includes a six-figure alligator Birkin.

There are a few things that contribute to making this particular Birkin such a high-dollar item. First,
Stone Island Jacket, it’s a 35cm alligator piece; alligators are smaller than crocodiles, so getting a skin that’s big enough to make a bag of this size which also conforms to Hermes’ rigorous quality standards is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Alligator drives up the price of a bag in general, beyond that of all other exotics, but it drives up a big bag even more. Second, the bag is both very pale and in impeccable condition. Few bags in colors this light are available at all,
Stone Island Clothing Sale, and on the secondary market, a bag this light without obvious wear is another proverbial needle in yet another haystack. Those two rare occurrences come together on this piece, resulting in an ultra-covetable exotic bag that even an Hermes VIP might find hard to procure through traditional retail channels.

The sale includes other exotic pieces,
Ferragamo Shoes Discount, including two other large alligator Birkins (at the relatively modest prices of $79,500 and $89,500), plus some regular leather favorites in a variety of colors. The bags are marked at a premium, but if you’re like so many of Moda’s customers and you want rare things as quickly as you can get them, then you’re probably more than willing to pay the extra dollars. Shop the whole sale via Moda Operandi through November 23 or check out the bags we found most impressive below.


Hermes Shiny Geranium Alligator Kelly Pochette

$26,500 via Moda Operandi


Hermes Orange H Clemence Jypsiere Bag

$8,500 via Moda Operandi


Hermes Electric Blue Epsom Leather Sellier Kelly

$18,500 via Moda Operandi


Hermes Capucine Clemence Leather Birkin Bag

$19,500 via Moda Operandi


Hermes Matte Mimosa Alligator Birkin

$89,500 via Moda Operandi


Hermes Shiny Electric Blue Nilo Crocodile Constance Elan

$42,500 via Moda Operandi


Hermes Matte Beton Alligator Birkin Bag

$115,000 via Moda Operandi


Hermes Shiny Blue Roi Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag

$64,500 via Moda Operandi

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Louis Vuitton for Valentine is Day

This week comes the ‘holiday’ that women and men alike share a love hate relationship with. Vlad is certain that this ‘holiday’ is just blown out of proportion by the Hallmark’s and the candy stores to turn a profit after the holidays. Furthermore, he truly thinks if you love someone you love them everyday and show it everyday. Yes, I agree, but I also love seeing people go out of their ways to think of something sweet for their sweetheart and let’s face it,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, who doesn’t love to be pampered on Valentine’s Day?? So today I am making a list of great Valentine’s Day gifts from Louis Vuitton. The prices range from more affordable to super expensive. Either way,
Stone Island Outlet Store, if your gal loves designer goods, nabbing something from a luxury house like Louis Vuitton is sure to make her heart pitter-patter. To give your guy a hint, just send him this list and let him choose one of the beauties below!

Louis Vuitton Charms de Monogram I Love U

Louis Vuitton Tambour Small Quartz Diamond Heart

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Key and Change Holder

Louis Vuitton Monogram Olympe Nimbus GM

Louis Vuitton Suhali Metallic Zippy Wallet

Louis Vuitton Cadenas Key Holder

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Wallet

Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Marina GM

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Inside the New Fendi Madison Store + 3Baguette Project for Charity

Last week, when New York City was experiencing one of its coldest days ever, the Fendi Madison store was heating up. The store had its grand opening with a star-studded event, but earlier in the day,
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Sale, Vlad and I had the ultimate pleasure to see the store prior to the official opening. In a total "pinch me" moment, it was Fendi CEO Pietro Beccari who greeted us downstairs and walked us into the beautiful boutique, chatting about the cold weather and the new store.

The store is located right off the corner of Madison Avenue and 57th street, flanked by the likes of Dior and Chanel. The two-story location is spacious and airy but retains an intimate feel. The upstairs is where the best of the bags were located and where we spent most of our time, popping back and forth between the most glorious furs and the bag areas.

Along with the store opening, Fendi was celebrating the 3Baguette charity project, in collaboration with five iconic New York women: Rihanna, Rachel Feinstein, Sarah Jessica Parker,
Ferragamo Shoes Discount, Jourdan Dunn and Leandra Medine. Each of these women were asked to personalize a 3Baguette bag, and each gave their touch and style to the bags. The end result is five one-of-a-kind bags that are up for auction, the proceeds of each will go to benefit the charity of each woman’s choosing. The online auction ends March 13th, and the bags range in price from $20,000 to $56,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket,000 right now. Click here to bid on the five bags.

I’ve been loving what Fendi creates in the past year, and the brand just keeps getting better. The By The Way Bag comes in the perfect pastel hues for spring, and it’s one of my current bag crushes. Of course the Micro bag trend is getting a big boost by Fendi as well.

If you are in NYC,
Cheap Stone Island Jacket, you should definitely stop by the new Fendi Madison store at 598 Madison Avenue. It’s filled from floor to ceiling with some of the most lust-worthy items. And if you can get in on the auction and you actually win, let us know all about the bag. We will be green with envy on so many levels.

15 Fendi 3Baguette Charity Project: Leandra Medine

15 Fendi 3Baguette Charity Project: Sarah Jessica Parker

15 Fendi 3Baguette Charity Project: Rihanna

15 Fendi 3Baguette Charity Project: Jourdan Dunn

15 Fendi 3Baguette Charity Project: Jourdan Dunn

15 Fendi 3Baguette Charity Project: Rachel Feinstein





Slide 11 / 15

Slide 12 / 15

Slide 13 / 15

Slide 14 / 15

Slide 15 / 15

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The Louis Vuitton Crocodile Old Speedy Flap will cost you a pretty penny

Image via Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 runway show was a joy to behold for a variety of reasons: the enormous carousel set piece bearing dozens of the world’s best models, girlish clothes in the most powdery and feminine of pastels, luxury in every detail. The entire collection felt fresh, light and joyful. Personally, though, I was distracted by one thing and one thing only,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, which was trying to guess how much the littany of crocodile pieces,
Valentino Shoes for Women, from bags to jackets,
Red Valentino Shoes, would cost once they hit retail. Not only is crocodile astronomically expensive all on its own, but Vuitton tends to charge a premium for all of its products, above and beyond most another brands.

For the handbag star of the collection, the Louis Vuitton Crocodile Old Speedy Flap, we now have an answer,
Cheap Valentino Women’s High Heels, but go ahead and try to guess before you peek.


My personal guess was around $35,000 and I thought that even that kind of figure might be a little low, particularly when you consider that so many designers seem to be in some sort of unofficial race to see who can produce the most ridiculously expensive bag of them all. (Hermes probably has everyone already beat on that anyway.) Not that $33,000 is something that is even within the realm of reason to pay for a handbag it’s not! But, you know, it’s closer than The Row.

Louis Vuitton surely has clients who will pony up for this bag in one of its three colors mint, jaune (pale yellow) or nuit (navy blue with a bit of softness) or who knows, maybe someone will get it in all three. Primarily, though, pieces like this one serve a public relations function; not only do they get people talking, but they represent the designer as a purveyor of the sort of rarified goods that only a tiny sliver of the global population can ever hope to possess. If you have an extra thirty grand or so laying around the house, inquire about this bag via

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Yves Saint Laurent Animal Print Muse II

No matter how much it goes in and out of style, my dedication to animal print persists. In the hands of unskillful designers, it can often go sadly awry, but when done correctly, I enjoy it so thoroughly.

And some may disagree,
Red Valentino Shoes Red Valentino, but I think the Yves Saint Lauren Animal Print Muse II is done absolutely right. In order to temper a strong statement like leopard, it’s important to keep a bag’s other lines and features sleek and clean, which is exactly what the folks at Yves Saint Laurent did. The Muse II was a fabulous candidate for the animal print treatment because of both its inherent simplicity of design and also its status as a must-have It Bag. That way, if you don’t like the animal print,
Valentino Rockstud Shoes, there are plenty of other versions available. And if you do, not only is it an It Bag,
Discount Valentino Handbags, but it’s one that everyone who sees you will notice immediately. For better or for worse. But I think it’s for better. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2295.

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PurseForum Roundup – March 6

Oh, thank goodness! Friday is here at last. It’s time to put the first week of March to rest, so kick off your shoes and come along for a look at what has been happening on the PurseForum this week. We found some signs of spring in Kate Spade and the Glass Slipper, and of course, some great bags everywhere we looked.

In Bottega Veneta, we were happy to find some reveals this week, including this scenic view of BV_LC_poodle’s two new bags. This thread has a few more bags to tickle your fancy, so be sure to pay a visit for the latest updates.

Tracyshopaholic is ready for spring, and so are her new BV flats, and pandorabox stole the show with her ultra-chic, ultra-smooshy Cervo Baseball hobo. That’s really how to make an entrance,
Valentino Handbags for Women, pandorabox.

We couldn’t resist sharing this pretty pop of color we found in the What Bottega Veneta are You Carrying Today thread, courtesy of grietje. You will find a wide variety of BV bags in that thread’s pages, which always gives us plenty of ideas on what our next purchase might be. Drop in and see which BV inspires you.

In Balenciaga, the March Purchases thread is off to a fabulous start with Catash’s eggplant City and this gorgeous bleu obscure City that our member dxs picked up (and tailored to her liking with a little tassel-ectomy). Our tastes tend toward bright colors, but this bag is an elegant beauty, plain and simple.

Lbbolton picked up a camel Day bag of a little older vintage that really shows off its gorgeous leather. Winter fans will love this Day bag in gris glacé shared by pree, and beautifully photographed as well.

Whether you are new to Balenciaga or trying to decide between the City, Work, Day or something else entirely, you will want to visit the Balenciaga Reference library, where our members spell it all out for us in glorious detail and living color. Consider, for example, tangerine, one of the prettiest oranges in the bag world, courtesy of rachelkitty.

Are you ready for Spring? We can tell you that thegreenbeen certainly is. This Watering Can Clutch from Kate Spade is the perfect way to celebrate turning the clocks forward. Raerae84120 went a little more traditional with her new purchases, but they are nevertheless spectacular; we certainly love a thread with haul in the title, and so will you.

Songofthesea opened up an interesting conversation about the age factor when considering a Kate Spade purchase, and she was met with unanimous support and lots of photos. Are you ever too old to have fun with your purse purchases? We agree with our members the answer is NO! Oh, and before you leave Kate Spade, check out angelthelsons new blue mini A Satchel!

Have you discovered Aquazzura? CEC.LV4eva certainly has, and we can’t take our eyes off of these incredible shoes. She has shared her new purchases in the Aquazzura thread in The Glass Slipper, and they are irresistible.

Elsewhere in the Glass Slipper, phiphi, her pups, and her poudre Valentino Rockstuds are all patiently waiting for spring we love when our members sneak their pets into a photo, don’t you?

LeeMiller started a thread this week that we hope gets some traction and some photographs, because the topic of Cool, Rock and Roll Vibe Boots is one we definitely want to watch.

Are you a Goyard fan? If you are, this is your lucky day. Our member Mutiny has some amazing things to share in Goyard, and this mini Croisiere is just a tease. There is another mini to enjoy, as well as a spectacular pair of trunks in this thread. The Bourget Trolly is top of the line, and this reveal will knock your socks off.

Do you have trouble choosing your next bag? You are certainly not alone,
Cheap Valentino Shoes Sale, and in this thread, we have been absolutely no help at all. We will let you discover Maddy2280′s Chanel dilemma yourselves, but suffice it to say, this Boy bag made an incredibly strong showing. Want to see what the competition was and what Maddy decided? Drop in here, and hopefully we will all catch a reveal soon.

That’s it for us! We hope you have a restful weekend and look forward to seeing you right here next week. In the meantime,
Valentino Shoes for Women, stay warm, dry and, of course, fashionable. Have a great week!

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Want It Wednesday: The Row, Bindya and Saint Laurent

After 10 days of vacation, including this past Monday to celebrate Labor Day, I’m completely disoriented. It’s Wednesday, you say? I’ll take your word for it. You could tell me I was on Mars and I’d probably consider it fact for at least a split second. I’m inclined to believe it’s Wednesday, though, because that means it’s time for our first post-summer Want It Wednesday, and the PurseBlog team is craving some great fall essentials.


It’s officially fall,
Valentino Shoes Outlet, and after binging on buying all things summery and colorful, I’m in serious need of some black. For starters, a great black bag. With the weather getting colder, I want a bag that will be able to fit my winter accessories while not giving me that killer sore arm we’re all too familiar with. That’s why this week, I’m seriously lusting over the The Row Convertible Hobo Backpack. It’s practical, it’s beautiful, it’s sleek and ultimately everything you’ve ever wanted in a grown up backpack the only problem is it will cost you a pretty penny. I’ll be forced to save up for this beauty, but if you’re willing to splurge you can purchase it for $3,400 via Saks Fifth Avenue.


I simply cannot believe it’s already September. While I’m reluctant to say goodbye to Summer, I have to admit,
Discount Valentino Handbags, I am ready for crisp, cool, fall temperatures. There is one item that is a staple in my fall (and of course winter) wardrobe scarves. These little additions can really take any outfit to another level. So, as I begin to embrace Fall,
Valentino Handbags for Women, that means I need to start adding to my current scarf collection. There’s no better way to kick the season off than with this gorgeous Bindya Pursuit of Happiness Scarf. I love the warm tones and feminine pattern. I happen to already own a few Bindya scarves and I think this one would fit oh-so-nicely with my collection. Buy through Saks for $150.


You guys are probably all well aware that I’m no Saint Laurent fangirl, but if there’s one thing Hedi Slimane knows how to do, it’s how to dress a rock star. When you’re looking for a bad-ass leather motorcycle jacket, as I happen to be, there’s nowhere else to look the Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket is all a girl could ever need. Leather jackets are everywhere this fall,
Valentino Sneakers Womens Sale, but I have very specific ideas about what mine should be like, and they run counter to a lot of the trends. Many designers are choosing to go loose and oversized, like you borrowed your boyfriend’s jacket when he wasn’t looking, but I want mine to be extremely fitted and fall no lower than my natural waste. That’s the most flattering shape for a moto jacket unless you’re rail thin and fairly flat chested, and I’m decidedly not an oversized leather jacket makes me look like a linebacker. This one, on the other hand, would be totally perfect. It’s the classic, archetypal rock star moto with a rock star price to match. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $5,645.

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